Join Now - FAQ

How can I cancel my Pro or Pro+ membership?

For PayPal payments, check within your PayPal account. For credit card payments, cancel your subscription here. Contact customer support for other billing issues.

What makes NSFW AI unique?

NSFW AI combines advanced AI algorithms, user-centric design, and unrestricted content to provide a sophisticated chat platform unlike any other.

Can I customize characters?

Yes, users can customize characters extensively, from visual appearance to conversational style.

Are there any safety measures or content filters?

While known for unrestricted content, NSFW includes safety algorithms to make sure conversations are respectful and avoid harmful content.

Are Characters and conversations private?

Yes, privacy settings are available for both characters and posts to confirm they are either publicly visible or visible only to you.

Can the creators of characters access my conversations?

No! Creators can never see the conversations that you have with their characters.

How do I delete things?

The app allows you to manage, including the deletion of your chats, characters, and even your account

Is NSFW content restricted?

We adopt the open spirit of the Internet thus do not impose restrictions on NSFW content.

How is the consumption of tokens calculated?

Each word generated by AI consumes one token, including chatting and character creation.

How to create a new character?

Please refer to the NSFWCharacter gitbook: